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Il Diario – Semplicemente grazie a tutti voi !!

… ed a chi ancora dopo sei anni mi dice : ” Che scrivi a fare sul blog rispondo che c’è sempre un motivo per ogni cosa . Oltre 2500 interventi , poesie, esperienze, fotografie , video , storie presenti , storie finite , io , la mia arte, il mio mondo . Grazie infinite a chi ha sempre supportato la mia voglia di esprimermi ed a chi ancora lo farà. Sembra banale ma Vi voglio bene !! Graziea tutti voi . Thank you very much to all !!

                   Marco Vasselli © 2006 – 2012

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How much work
cost our steps
on the road to approval
children to work.
How much optimism for the economy
Meanwhile, another child goes away,
if they go away,
where they are denied education and love.

children soldiers or workers
for us
greedy eaters
the slowness of your day
a thousand thoughts caress the head
but have you ever thought
that across the world
there could be a life like this?

Marco Vasselli

an idea of

Laura M.


© All Rights Reserved


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…couse the angels don’t cry


Until your blue eyes don’t cry
 until your next smile
 until a raimbow called friendship take me to you
 i will happy with you Shasta
 couse the angels don’t cry and you are so


Marco Vasselli

for Shasta Rainers

© All rights reserved


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