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Il sipario – The curtain


Il sipario - The curtain

..silence …
the curtain rises
calm Kharon
many thoughts
the applause of the public
you go on stage !!


si alza il sipario
calma Kharon
mille pensieri
l’applauso del pubblico
si va in scena !!



Poesia Di Marco Vasselli

per Kharon Gillian Rossi Grant

Pittrice, attrice e ballerina

Foto Kharon Gillian Rossi Grant

Editing Marco Vasselli

© Tutti i diritti sono riservati


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L’unico amico che ho .. – Le seul ami que j’ai ..


L’unico amico che ho..
potrebbe fare anche il mendicante,
fa lo stesso.

So che l’unico amico che ho
è la persona a cui voglio un bene dell’anima
e che tenta di studiarmi per capire chi sono.

Ecco perché UNICO.

So che l’unico amico che ho
è la parte di me andata persa col tempo
ma mai sotterrata completamente.

L’unico amico che ho è già parte di me
non della mia vita, ma di me.

L’unico amico che ho sei TE.

E di meglio non potrei chiedere,
nemmeno al mio migliore.. amico.


a Marco Vasselli

© Tutti i diritti sono riservati




Le seul ami que j’ai ..
pourrait aussi faire le mendiant,
fait la même chose.

Je sais que le seul ami que j’aie
est la personne que vous souhaitez une bonne âme
et d’essayer d’étude pour comprendre qui ils sont.

C’est pourquoi seule.

Je sais que le seul ami que j’aie
Une partie de moi est perdue dans le temps
mais jamais complètement enterré.

Le seul ami que j’aie fait déjà partie de moi
pas ma vie, mais moi.
Le seul ami que j’aie, c’est vous.
Et je ne pouvais pas demander mieux,
même de mon mieux .. ami.


Ðι ک.tratta


  à  Marco Vasselli

© Tous droits réservés


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She is a fighter

She is a fighter



  She is a fighter, and you can see on that face the smile

 But how many time she was alone ?

How time she was cryng and noone know her cry.


She is a fighter that won the cancer

And make me smiles after i talked to she about my problems

And we was knowing the sense of friendship.


I was at zero and she was for me like my hero

You was in the battle and has around people that hated you

Couse a religion for that stupid people is the motive for racism and wars

But I ever seen that smile in every situation

Couse if I was the car, she was my gasoline station.


She is a fighter, and we made an alliance,

Couse if one stay wrong ever need of an ambulance,

She was for me all this, and I hope so for she

Couse everyone can see a wonderful girl

But only a friend like I hope to be

Can see a wonder heart

And is her heart,

That fighter is like my sister.



Marco Vasselli

For Gudrun Lilja Jònasdòttir  called Gully


Photo :  Gudrun Lilja Jònasdòttir 

© All Rights Reserved


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An angel with amphibians



Dressed in black

as the night sky

and behind the veil

of a smile touched

much resentment and desire for change.


And a bit of life

Amphibians and a baby cot.

And life too often betrayed you

And life is a constant lament

Like that song …

Because everyone wants Ale as they say

But nobody knows what she wants

Or ignore it …

“It’s not worth anything …”

“The only woman in the house …”

As in the Middle Ages

As people without feeling


Make a crown of sympathy

Smile of an insult

To those who humiliate you,

Do your heart your diamond in the dark

Why is your best gift

You bring to those who can appreciate.

By Ale a beer with friends …

A laugh in the wind

And those your boots

To walk on intolerance.

Marco Vasselli

Poem dedied to Alexis Ghidoni

© All rights reserved



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