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FotoRacconto – A real frienship

Thank you to exist to

GranGilliant and 

Guðrún Lilja ÖnnGudóttir 

Couse friendship never know distances and time

 Click on the names of  my friends and go to see the steps of a real friendship .

Design and Graphic are propriety of Gillian Grant © 2012


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Muses – Gallery 1


 Gudrun Lilja Jonòsdòttir per Marco Vasselli  © 2010

Sorriso semplice

Amore silenzioso per Marco Vasselli ©  2010

Di te io vivo .

Distratta per Marco Vasselli © 2012

A Laura

Marco Vasselli e Laura Forgia per EDG © 2012

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The party

If my heart and your heart
when we meet stay united
we can organize a party
where everyone, envited,
take him friendship
togheter your, toghether mine.
Gully i went to make a party,
where all my friend could meet you
so that i can say
stay here in my life my friend
dopn’t go away again.
We can call Ance, Kharon and Hulya
and i can take at the party
Tony, Fabrizio, and Alessandro, and Marty
i could present to you
Carmen, Lauretta and Crystal,
but also Vally, Massimo, Dada, Distratta,
Christina, Pangie, and Ana,and Cinzia, and Manu
Everybody, dancing
could remember to you
that for a friend i could make chilometers,
and fly in the sky, swim in the ocean, or take only a bus,
but everybody stay inside my heart,
and you, like eveveribody, and now much more
when need an help, could to say to me
to make a party only also for only a smile,
you close the eyes, i send all the invitation
and in a moment
we stay toghether there.
Beautiful friend
with the heart like an a big home
we could be again the pixie and the gnome
and is not important if in Reykjavic or Rome
we dance again until the legs go on
and in a bit, togheter the other friends
we say again and for a time again
that real friendship never have an end.
Marco Vasselli – 2009 – © All rights reserved
Gudrun Lilja Jònasdòttir
my friend with a noble heart


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My Angel

Also when for me was appear the end,
 i ever belive in Gully’s smile,
 so i just need to say:
Thank you my angel,
my sister,
my friend !!

Marco Vasselli To Gudrun ( Gully ) Jonsdottir

© All Rights reserved

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She is a fighter

She is a fighter



  She is a fighter, and you can see on that face the smile

 But how many time she was alone ?

How time she was cryng and noone know her cry.


She is a fighter that won the cancer

And make me smiles after i talked to she about my problems

And we was knowing the sense of friendship.


I was at zero and she was for me like my hero

You was in the battle and has around people that hated you

Couse a religion for that stupid people is the motive for racism and wars

But I ever seen that smile in every situation

Couse if I was the car, she was my gasoline station.


She is a fighter, and we made an alliance,

Couse if one stay wrong ever need of an ambulance,

She was for me all this, and I hope so for she

Couse everyone can see a wonderful girl

But only a friend like I hope to be

Can see a wonder heart

And is her heart,

That fighter is like my sister.



Marco Vasselli

For Gudrun Lilja Jònasdòttir  called Gully


Photo :  Gudrun Lilja Jònasdòttir 

© All Rights Reserved


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Buonanotte dal mio angelo d’Islanda

A sta angelo luminoso accanto al tuo letto, Chiamare il tuo nome dolce così piano,
Gettare fiori su di voi E dire buona notte e sogni d’oro..

Gudrun Lilia Jonasdottir per Marco Vasselli

© Tutti i diritti sono riservati

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Il Diario – I belive that you are a peice of my heart – From Gully to me

Video from Gudrun Lilja Jonasdòttir  ( Gully ) to Marco Vasselli

Tank you Gully, you are special for me. I hope that really we can meet in Rome in next Summer.

Your Bro Marco

© Tutti i diritti sono riservati

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